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Six-Month Award Program: One of Houston Diaper Assistance Program's goals is to provide diaper security to the families that we serve. Our main programing focus is an award program which guarantees a six-month's supply of clean diapers on a monthly basis. In order to receive support families must apply, meet eligibility requirements and be accepted into the program.


Eligibility guidelines for Houston Diaper Assistance Program's Six-Month Award Program: 

Child is in size diaper sized Newborn - Size 6

Child must be eligible for CHIP assistance, but does not have to be enrolled. To find out if your child is CHIP eligible- CLICK HERE 

Priority given to families with one or more primary caregivers enrolled in continuing education but this is not a requirement 

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 National Health Emergency Houston Diaper Assistance Program has discontinued our Six-Month Award Program for the first half of 2021 and will only be able to offer limited assistance to current clients. We are disappointed by this turn of events and are working hard to resume regular programing in the second half of 2021.